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As an auditor, have people ever assumed that your busy season is tax season? Or that you spend your days working away on your laptop? There are many misconceptions about any career, but anyone considering going into audit should be aware of these three….

Many picture auditors as people crunching numbers on Excel all day long. Another important part is the people side and this exists at every level of the job. The people side of audit is just as important as the numbers side — and very often this is forgotten.

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As a professional service, some see audit as a very demanding career. As with many professional services careers, at times there will be long hours, but this does not mean work-life balance is impossible. Work-life balance is not necessarily being able to divide your time equally between your work and other aspects of your life every single day.

This may not be possible with any job because they all have their own form of busy season.

reddit busy season

Some days you may have a heavier workload, but other days you will find yourself with a lighter one. With the right time management skills and prioritization, you will be able to have the balance you desire. As an auditor, you get to see a company from every angle, learn about its operations, concerns, and opportunities.

As someone in the mining industry for instance, you may have the opportunity to visit mines in countries all over the world. How many people get to do this besides engineers and the mine workers themselves?

The opportunities within audit are underestimated, and many are often not considered. She is currently a staff accountant in our Audit practice. Javascript is disabled. Our busy season is not tax season and other misconceptions of audit By Clodia Kassis. Staff Accountant Audit. There are many misconceptions about any career, but anyone considering going into audit should be aware of these three… Auditing is "all numbers" Many picture auditors as people crunching numbers on Excel all day long. Work-life balance?

Contact us Submit RFP. Did you find this useful? Yes No.Big 4. Just curious. Been hearing horror stories and I start in two months. Hoping to get this exam out of the way before. We're talking 7 days a week for 2 months during January and February Monday-Thursday were 15 hour days, Fridays and Saturdays were hours, and Sundays were hours after doing day weeks all October and November Monday-Thursday hour days and Saturdays hours.

The next 3 years have been 10 hour days October and November 8 hours on Fridaysthen hour days January and February still 8 hours on Fridayswith Saturday as needed. We've been able to get rid of Sundays all together, except for the occasional Sunday at home.

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The normal week for me during busy season is usually about 70 hours. This lasts for a month and a half. It literally feels like one long day.

You wil realize that driving to and from work is the only time you get to relax. Its definitely not for everyone. Including myself. Every day I wonder if it will be my last day working at Big 4. I finished my first busy season, and it wasn't too bad. I did end up working until 3am on a friday night once. Overall, I didn't think it was too hard. However, it can be really damaging to your health. I didn't get anytime to workout I normally work-out 5 days a weekand the teams always order the most unhealthy crap for lunch and dinner.

Moreover, snacks are available at all times. I ended up gaining 7 lbs. Next year, I am going to push back for the sake of my health. I want to get off at at least three times a week, so I can work out, and I am going to bring my own food or only eat Salads from the menus. I conformed this year because I didn't want to be the odd-man out as a staff 1.

Next year, however, I am not going to give into the peer pressure to eat all that garbage food.

10 Hacks to Survive Another Busy Season

It's not worth it. Regional firm- Monday through ThursdayFridays longer if workload demands itSaturdays Beginning of January through the end of February on my primary client and we never had a week below 70 hours. Topped once or twice. Did not get a day off during the last 5 weeks. I got a few days off after we filed and before I was pulled onto a couple more March filers this past month.

So I finally finished at least I hope a couple days ago. I am planning to get back into public accounting, but it should be illegal to work anyone hours. I don't think I can handle more than 70 hours, so it doesn't look like Big 4 is right for me. You have no life to do anything other than working. Did we really go to school for years and pass this hard ass exam to make My friends make 60k a year right out of college after 4 years degree.

I agree with wannabe…thats not terrible.Busy season for accountants puts most other industries to shame. Between a demanding workload and long hours, it can be difficult to find time for other commitments. That said, passing the CPA Exam is a crucial career move that you may not be able to put on hold until busy season ends, especially in light of the month window for section credit. Follow this 9-step process to make the most of studies during this busy time of year.

reddit busy season

You can also add fun into the mix, but expect to have to cut back on it. Now that you know what you can afford to keep on your agenda, you should create a CPA Exam study plan that accounts for everything you need to do. If you can study for 20 hours a week, you can be completely prepared for your exam section in about 7 weeks.

If you study for just 15 hours a week, it will take you about 10 weeks to be ready for your exam section. Figure out how much time you will need to spend eating, sleeping, exercising, being with family, and having fun each week. Put this schedule into an interactive study planner. An interactive study planner will adapt to your current lifestyle and streamline your schedule.

When you make your mornings and evenings longer, you can find space for two extra study sessions. Morning study session: Start your day with a productive study session by getting up 45 minutes to an hour earlier and giving yourself about minutes to study. Make waking up this early easier by putting your study materials in place the night before and programming the coffee maker, if possible, to have a hot cup ready.

If you decide to eat breakfast before you study, watch a video lecture or read an outline while you eat rather than catching up on the news or social media during this time. Evening study session: Delay your free time a little longer after you clock out by getting right back into your studies. Take an hour or so to complete a study unit in your online review course, and make sure that your environment promotes this progress instead of hindering it. If sitting in your cubicle another minute would melt your brain, then stop by a coffee shop, the library, the park, or any other quiet place to carry out your evening study session.

Give them the details of your study plan to reassure them that you are still committed to producing timely and high-quality work while you prepare for the exam. If you find your job sucking up more and more of your time as busy season marches on, you may need to overlap some of your other activities in order to meet your CPA Exam study goals.

Use these tips to maximize your time and retain control of your life:. Be more productive during the business day. If you can complete your work projects faster, you will have more time to study and recover. To increase your productivity. Eliminate ALL distractions : This means silencing your phone, setting your status as busy all day if necessaryturning off notifications, and getting away from noisy areas.

Schedule time for communication : Keep email, text messages, instant messenger, etc. Make first things first : Complete your most important task before you get into anything else. Multitask w hen i t m akes s ense to. Studying while you complete menial tasks or busy work will let you make the most of every second of your day.

Is There a Polite Way to Quit During Busy Season?

Turn your lunch hour into a mid-day study session. Bring your own lunch or eat alone in a quiet restaurant and go through your flashcards, watch a video lecture, or take a practice quiz while you eat.

Optimize your sleep, exercise, and eating habits by following these tips:.

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Get as much as sleep as you can during your designated sleep hours. You want to wake up early and still feel refreshed. Use herbal teas, bananas, crackers, turkey, cranberries, cherries, or warm milk to help you fall asleep, and turn off your electronics at least half an hour before going to bed so that your mind can slow down. Work out in the morning or evening while listening to an audio lecture.

Eat healthy foods that provide lasting energy. Healthy foods that help you stay focused and alert include avocado, coffee, salmon, nuts, carrots, blueberries, oats, tomatoes, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and chocolate. These days of nothing but study will allow you to take a practice exam or two, finish up your final review, and be completely ready for exam day.It was score release day. The worst piece.

The bane of my existence. To this day, my shoulders clamp up a little if you ask me about the order of lienholders in bankruptcy, and do not get me started on Peter Olinto. Again and again and again. I'm DONE! I hit refresh. The score popped up. It felt like a spin kick to my spindly ribs -— I felt my cold black heart slip right down into my stomach. Not only had I failed. On a Friday, too. My weekend was wrecked anyway because we were all working both days.

It didn't work. Fucking REG. Once the awkward silence wore off a little bit, I slithered out of my desk chair and slunk off to the bathroom to cry. How in the fuck was I going to manage to retake REG?

A 73 hurts. Gah —- if only I'd studied that Alternative Minimum Tax calc more closely. Stop acting like a crazy. Stop questioning what you did — this wrong or that wrong. So what if fail? In year, all you'll remember is that you passed, so get it done.

Then Enjoy. I realized that she was right. So after a day or so of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to retake REG at the start of the next testing window.When you spend your time in a city like New York, where corporate America was born and lives, nearly every other person you meet works somewhere in finance.

So listen up ladies, because by the end of this list, counting beans is going to sound like an activity you can really get into. This should go without saying, but in today's job market, it's not always a given.

While most other industries have been struggling to offer college graduates jobs, accounting is an industry that is always hiring. Everybody needs an accountant: businesses, not-for-profit organizations, banks, schools, even your parents. Following up on the whole "actually having a job" thing is the whole "having money" thing. Some jobs will pay you just enough to get by, but accountants often find themselves in an above-average salary range for people their age.

This means you will be getting a birthday present you can be proud of, a Valentine's Day dinner that will leave you satisfied and a never-ending supply of free drinks when you go out. This one works both for you and for him. Accountants are business professionals and most likely stay up to date on the latest trends. Along with the whole having a job and money thing, this also means you'll get that Gucci top you've been eyeing.

If there is one thing accountants love more about their day than putting on their new designer work socks, it is going out to lunch. With constant client lunches and a seemingly infinite number of places to get food, accountants have grown to have a tongue for deliciousness.

Accountants know better than anyone what it's like to have no time to even send a text message, literally. For a traditional major accounting firm, busy season means hour weeks. If you're busy, accountants will understand, because they're just as busy themselves; so don't worry, there's no pressure to respond to a text the minute it comes in. As an extra perk, you are basically free to do you from January to April because the odds of them having time beyond Sunday is as good as you winning the lottery.

When you start working, time becomes so much more valuable. Accountants worship efficiency in both the business setting and in their personal lives. Accountants live in a black and white world, so you will go out with or without everyone else, and there will be no self-induced comas from trying to figure out what to do that night. Dealing with clients all day means communication skills need to be at an all-time high.

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As an accountant, it is your job to keep the client happy. When you date an accountant, you date a people-pleaser. Accountants are terrific at analyzing situations and finding mutual interests to talk about, and they can literally talk about anything. Accountants have a strange ability to know a little bit about everything, so when they meet your parents, it is almost guaranteed they will sweep them off their feet as much as they swept you off yours.

Another great thing about the accounting industry is that companies love to focus on client relations. Any major accounting firm has season tickets and box seats at a variety of event venues. If you're dating the accountant that just got the Justin Bieber concert tickets, you might have become the happiest plus-one in the country. It had to be mentioned somewhere, and while not all accountants are tax accountants, they still all know how to do them or are very good friends with someone who can and will make sure you are not missing out on a single refund dollar.

Tax season is usually the time of year when you pay some guy your parents have known for years to do your taxes for you; insert accountant boyfriend and not only are your taxes done for free, but they'll take care of everything for you. Finally, if everything thus far has not convinced you, accountants are trustworthy and supportive people by nature. People have often listed their accountant as one of their most trusted advisors.

As an accountant, it is important that the people in your life, including your clients and your friends, trust you to advise them in the best way possible.Busy season is here and public accountants around the country are hunkering down for what is likely to be the most challenging stretch of their year. The hour, six-day workweeks can create a hectic office environment. But if they manage their time correctly and take steps to lower their stress levels, young CPAs can survive and even thrive during this period.

Here are a few suggestions on just how to excel during the rigors of busy season. Send up a flare. Pass the torch. Let someone else be the social chair. Sweeney solved this problem by asking friends if someone else could be the one to organize social outings over the next few months.

Holster that phone. Time management is critical, so let go of things that fritter away your time. Make time to recharge. Structure your days so you stay fresh enough to handle the load, advised Kevin Koven, CPA, a senior audit accountant at L. Eat in. Having lunch at your desk is a good trade-off on some days. Prepare for letdown. Sweeney suggested keeping things in perspective. To alleviate post-busy-season letdown, Sweeney recommended planning a trip or activity of some kind that you can look forward to.

Bank some sanity. The Edge e-newsletter, is dedicated to providing tips and tools of interest to young professionals, including articles on building career resiliency, networking for success, and de-prioritizing the immediate to focus on the important.

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When things get really busy 3. After 7. Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. All rights reserved.However, I thoroughly enjoy my busy seasons. Most accountants who endure more than a couple of years in public practice like busy season too. My fourteenth busy season is about to begin. For many, busy season does not begin until early or mid February. However, for those of us who work with financial institutions, we begin on the first business day in January.

After 13 busy seasons, I still love it. Hopefully, you can implement one and help you survive, and even enjoy, your busy season. Exercise — You know staying in shape is essential to good health. This excuse is used more during busy season because the extra hours you work.

I remember a few years ago I started working out using the P90X videos during the first week of January. With my schedule, I was doing all this at 10 p.

You might think I would be too tired by that point in the evening to work out. At first I was. Once I got going though, I looked forward to that release of tension each night.

reddit busy season

And, I was so tired afterwards, that I slept so much better. That is crazy! You need your sleep. I used to try to work as late as possible every night. I wanted those charge hours. What I eventually figured out though was that productivity decreased dramatically after about 12 hours of work. You can only work so much even during busy season before your brain starts to hurt.

Your eyes blur and you can no longer concentrate. This is one reason I work so many Saturdays throughout the entire year. I would rather work 10 or 11 hour days throughout the week and work a half-day on Saturday than work five 14 hour days each week. You have to learn your limits as to how long you can work. You can always make it up later.

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Eat better foods — We try to trick our bodies into thinking they have more energy because of all the sugar and caffeine we ingest. That works for only a short period of time but will have lasting negative effects on our health.

During busy season, plan ahead and bring healthy snacks with you for non-meal times. Then at meals, be reasonable. You know what is healthy and you know how much better you feel when you eat that way. So just do it. Your body will thank you later. Plan ahead — Not only should you plan ahead for food intake but you should plan for your weekly activities. Use your calendar in your email system and set appointments with yourself to accomplish certain tasks. Most importantly, set appointments for personal and family time.

Your family is permanent. Create two forms of plans. First, plan each week in advance. Maybe take a Sunday evening and plan your activities for the coming week.